What Soulmates say!

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‘I just wanted to say thank you so much, H is loving being part of Safe Soulmates and it has helped hugely in him being able to cope with yet another lockdown!’

‘My son, who has Asperger’s syndrome, finds it very difficult to understand how to form friendships and has been very lonely in the past. Since joining Safe Soulmates his life has changed in a very positive way, enabling him to join in social events, meet other people and make friends locally. He is a much happier and more confident person now. Safe Soulmates has had an impact on my life as well, now I can feel happy in the knowledge that my son is meeting people in a safe and supportive environment.’

‘I found it really hard to make friends but from joining Safe Soulmates I found I could open up and talk to people more.’

‘I have this to look forward to each week. Before I had nothing. Thank you.’

‘Used to be lonely, but now I can enjoy other people’s company.’

‘We are fairly new to the area and knew no one here. Christine and Vicky have been so welcoming and helpful to Anthony and I in the short time he has been a member. They helped me with valuable local knowledge and information. They have made Anthony feel very welcome and comfortable over the zoom sessions’

‘She looks forward to the girls chats as it helps her make friends.’

‘While I had a few friends already before joining Safe Soulmates, joining the service has helped me find more.’

‘The great thing about your group is how positive you are.’

‘I look forward to hearing from M, and thank you for being amazing and creating Safe Soulmates.’

‘I think you’re doing a fantastic job.’

‘Thank you, you are providing a great, much needed service.’

‘I visited an autism cafe the other day and got talking to a lovely gentleman who has been using your service to help him find friendship and ultimately love. The passion and excitement in his voice was overwhelming and he an ambassador you would be proud of. L said he felt happy and comfortable and knew he was safe when socialising with the group and said that there was always someone on standby in case he felt something was not right. Alongside my role as a Disability Employment Advisor and Mental Health First Aider, I am also a champion of social inclusion. It frustrates me that society does not treat everyone as equals. Safe Soulmates is a fantastic group perfectly demonstrating how social inclusion can only grow confidence and enable everyone to access equal opportunities, but it does so in a safe and supportive environment.’

‘We do appreciate and admire everything you do.’

‘I did want to say how fantastic  I thought your meeting with R, C and R was. I was not in the room most of the time but could hear more participation and conversation from the 3 of them than I have ever heard. Great achievement Thank you.’

‘This is why this service is so vital as it’s not just about dating it’s about confidence, self esteem, positive mental health and happiness. It’s also about being involved in the community and being accepted as worthy in society.’

‘Being a parent to a young person who finds it difficult to socialise and forms relationships never stops being a worry.  All parents want their child to have happy healthy relationships, have a fun and a good social life.  Our son has always been a loner and struggled to make friends.’

‘Safe Soulmates has changed this and has been amazing for him.  He attends as many of their events as he can and it means he is getting out and about at evenings and weekends just like any other young adult.  Feedback from the organisers has been great to hear, we had always thought of him as quiet and introverted but with his new group of friends he is said to be funny, engaging and keen to join in conversation with everyone.  It goes to show that he just needed the right environment to let him develop his social skills and just ‘be himself’ in an environment where he is valued and not judged.  Vicky and Christine are passionate and energetic about what they do and deserve all credit for making a positive and joyous difference to people’s lives.  Even though they have only known our son a short time they have great insight into what he might enjoy, who he will get along with and what makes him tick.  Love these ladies and Safe Soulmates!’

‘Everyday I wake up happy, I feel so lucky to have found a match. I have never been so talkative with anyone before, thank you for everything you do’

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