Costs and Joining

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Our Fees

Annual membership fee – £60.00 per year

What do you get?

Meet with Safe Soulmates in person (via Zoom)

A face-to-face meeting with Safe Soulmates, we will get to know about you, offer you support to access socials and be the warm welcome when you come to events. We are currently meeting new members on Zoom or other video-conferencing apps.

Small socials

  • Invitations to all social events (meals out, cinema, walking, pub nights)- some will be free, others will cost money on top of the membership fee. At this time of social distancing, we are meeting on Zoom. Come along and see some happy people.

Parties and Proms

  • Large parties, proms, discos, club nights – these will be for all members and the wider public; *MEMBERS HAVE PRIORITY ACCESS AND HEAVILY DISCOUNTED ENTRANCE FEE*

Mate and Date Introductions

  • One-to-one matching. If you meet someone you like, we support you to and give you ongoing support in the friendship/relationship. Mate and date matches are taking place on Zoom at present and we are also chaperoning socially distant matches.


  • Access to workshops with Dhiverse who deliver education on all aspects of building good relationships, staying safe online and in the community and communication. Our sessions with Dhiverse are currently on Zoom.

How do I join?

First contact us

It is very easy and simple. Get in contact via phone, email or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the home page. We will arrange a time to come and meet with you (via video-conferencing).

Vicky Baddeley
07935 866219

Christine O’Neil
07493 542963

Fill out the Contact Form on the home page;

Email –

We take some information about yourself and what you may need to help you enjoy being with Safe Soulmate.

We ask for Identification and references to check all members are suitable to join Safe Soulmate.

We will invite you to our relaxed social events (on Zoom) to help you make new friends and if you are looking for love we can support you to meet people.

Although we would prefer not to, we have to charge for this service, otherwise we will not be financially sustainable.  We also have had funding from the Big Lottery to start the service, but to continue this service we need more funds. We will relyon donations and sponsorship to keep your fees as low as possible.

If you wish to donate to us, please click here.

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