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Safe Soulmate Snippets

Lucky Rick our amazing website and logo creator (and volunteer) being taken out for a slap up meal on Safe Soulmate 🙂
Thanks a million to Pinpoint organising a information evening for parent/carers to introduce Safe Soulmate.
An amazing night at Cambridgeshire Lives Big Weekend. Our members were asked to feedback to organisers to help them ensure it is accessible for all. Thank you to them for welcoming us all!

Thank you Claire Bates from Supported Loving for a fab day learning about the CQC guidance on sexuality. Learnt LOADS!!!

Happiness! (K and W became a couple after one of our events)
Testimonial from parents of K and W (above)..(no tears please)
Safe Soulmate is a vital service for people with additional needs. It’s a safe place to go to encourage and help people form relationships where they feel 100% supported with all aspects of what their needs – be it finding friends or wanting a more meaningful relationship.  My example of this is as follows`:
My daughter, K, goes to college and is doing the Eddie’s catering course. Walso goes too. They both got on really well, but never saw each other outside of college. 
At the launch party of Safe Soulmate, it was obvious that they had deeper feelings for each other and felt very comfortable in each other’s company. They danced all night, used the photo booth and they each drew confidence from each other. This was amazing to see as they are both very quiet, shy people but they had so much fun together. Their relationship then extended more to college where they support each other and feel like they want to do more things together and even college have noticed how much closer they have become. 
At the next Safe Soulmate’s party, K, was looking out for W and was over the moon when she saw him there. Again, they were together all night and even felt confident enough to have a video taken of them saying what they enjoyed. This would never have happened before and you can see how much happiness is in their eyes. 
As parents we all want our children to be happy and find that one special person. If it wasn’t for Safe Soulmate, I genuinely believe that this would never have happened, as neither of them had the confidence or ability to express to us how they really felt about each other. In a perfect safe setting they found each other and in their own way told us that this is truly what made them happy. 
Since this they now call each other boyfriend and girlfriend and have regular meet ups outside of college. Both of our families have met up too and have become friends. 
This is why this service is so vital as it’s not just about dating it’s about confidence, self esteem, positive mental health and happiness. It’s also about being involved in the community and being accepted as worthy in society.
Thank you for bringing so much happiness to vulnerable people Vicky and Christine. They deserve to be happy too and you have certainly achieved this.
KL, mum of K, Safe Soulmate member

W has severe difficulties with both receptive and expressive language. He needs significant time to process what has been said before he is able to attempt a reply. This makes it very difficult for him to interact in everyday situations. Typically he feels left out, on the periphery of things, unable to develop meaningful friendships. Although he spends some time with others, he feels isolated and lonely. He tells us that he finds it very frustrating not being able to talk to people and make friends. He has wanted a girlfriend for a very long time. He sees his peers making friends and going out with girls, and he wants to be like everybody else.
When he joined Safe Soulmatehe was pleased to find that a girl from his course, whom he likes, was also a member. He was very pleased to discover that she likes him. They have attended three Safe Soulmate social events, and have been supported to go out together to the cinema. A second date is arranged for later this week. Without Safe Soulmate, this would never have happened. W is very pleased to be able to say he has a girlfriend, and knowing that someone likes him a lot is a big boost to his self-esteem.
JD parent of member of Safe Soulmate

1st get to know you date for these two. Quotes of the night were “he is 10 out of 10”, “I would not have normally dared go and talk to her normally” and finally which really made us feel a bit emotional ‘I have only been bowling a few times. as I do not want to come on my own’……hopefully this will be the beginning of a new friendship 🙂

First presentation was very nicely followed by a very glam meal out in Browns. 16 people came….. whoops we only booked for 8!!! Thank you Browns for squishing us in 🙂

Thanks to Bill and Lizzie from our soon to be officially set up steering group who presented with Vicky and Christine at VoiceAbilities “Stop loneliness” event. Our first presentation scary!! Thanks for having us 🙂

Thank you Liz and Anna from Dhiverse for very kindly delivering a workshop today for our members around building relationships.. It is vital for people to be knowledgable about what a positive relationship is, what action to take in different situations and how to stay safe.

Before Vicky got thrown out of The Ritz London after the Autism Show! Train line was closed and we had a two hour walk to Kings Cross. We wanted rest our legs with our cans of coke….apparently that’s not how the they roll in the ‘finest hotel in London’ 😉

A day at the Autism show for Vicky and Christine. Francesca Hope talking about autism and girls . Girls are often misdiagnosed with anxiety and depression. Thank goodness there is more research going into this subject.

Everyone at Safe Soulmate gives their time for free. These guys are members but also on our steering group, they will be helping us run Safe Soulmate, to ensure we know what members want (big thank yous to all of them xxxx)

Yep we met the mayor!!! Kayla (amazing volunteer and all round lovely, sweet wonderful person) having a chat with the amazing lady. Did you know the mayor position is not paid??? Neither did we! She did 352 functions in a year as a volunteer.

Thank you John Lewis and CCVS for spoiling us volunteers with fizz and treats! (not thank you for dragging a petrified Christine in to do a radio interview on her own though!!)

One of the small socials. This is only possible due the lovely boatman Andy Manning. He brings people together on the river and he had such a good time with Safe Soulmate he then also came to social too! We had an amazing time thanks Andy!!!

Even though most of our time is spent going to meet new members, we have had successful matches this week!!! Helping our members have the chance of safe and supported friendship and love. We all need this happiness in our life! Safe Soulmate will not forget their happy faces ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our last event really was brilliant, thanks to the wonderful people who came along to party! You are all awesome. Over 120 people attended our event, we’re sorry if you couldn’t get tickets, we hope to be able to invite more next time to our summer party!! More details when we have them …

Dancing at silent disco
Having a go at karaoke

Our second large social event is nearly here and we are very excited!!!! If you haven’t been able to come along this time, we hope you can make it next time.