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About Our Team

Bill Jones is one of our many members and is also the steering group’s chair. As chair, he leads our steering group meetings and helps with most of our decision-making. He is a member of VoiceAbility’s Speak Out Council, and we have presented at one of their “Speak Out Days” where the topic was loneliness. Bill also co-leads their Safe Places campaign of which we are very involved with. He’s been on board with what we do since day one and always tells people about us at many meetings and events he goes to.

Vicky Baddeley has always volunteered in some capacity, often in the learning disability sector.  She is 48, has 2 children, and works as the Befriending & Family Support Coordinator at a Cambridgeshire learning disability charity, matching volunteers and people with additional needs. Many people she meets are often lonely and simply want to go out to the cinema with a friend, others want to be more adventurous – indoor skydiving springs to mind.  Vicky is easy to talk to and is looking forward to meeting new Soulmates.

Elizabeth Felton is 27 and has been involved with the organisation from the beginning; she is one of the reasons the organisation was founded, after finding it difficult to find a suitable friendship and dating organisation locally. Lizzie has six years of volunteering experience with Scope, the national disability charity which campaigns to challenge and change negative attitudes about disability and provides direct services. She enjoys helping and supporting people whenever she can. Elizabeth’s hobbies and interests are journaling, creative writing, the 1920’s-1980’s, Titanic, watching tv dramas, listening to music, and utilising Pinterest and social media.

Liz Mackenzie has worked with people with learning disabilities and or autism in a training capacity for the past 30 years. She is passionate about trying to ensure people with additional needs have equal rights and the same opportunities as everyone else in society. Liz is the project manager for the ABC Relationships and Sexual Health Project at Dhiverse and works with groups, couples and individuals in a wide range of organisations.

Stacey Lee is a Divisional Head of Finance at Addenbrooke’s and will keep us on our toes in terms of finances. She is 33 and has 2 children.  She is a dynamic, hands on individual.  Stacey wants the organisation to grow, as we all do, to cover the whole of Cambridgeshire. For that to happen, we need to be financially sustainable in the long term, ensuring that we are self-funding in years to come is key to that.

Christine O’Neil is 40 and has 3 children. Over the last 8 years she has worked with children and adults with a learning disability and/or autism. She is very passionate about enabling people, whoever they may be, to reach their full potential, and for those who want to find new relationships to be able to do so in a SAFE and supported way.  She’s also very easy to talk to, and enables people to relax in her company.

My name is Ollybolly Wright, I am 24 years old, the eldest son to my Mum and Dad and big brother to my younger siblings. Been a member of Safe Soulmates for about a year, attended a few social events and got to know everyone. I have been working as a kitchen assistant and a cleaner in a coffee shop for about 7 years, I was diagnosed with autism as a baby and have always found it hard to make friends. I love to cycle long distance, plays the piano extremely well, and I have a good sense of humour to make people laugh. 

I’m Gordon MacKenzie and I have lived in Cambridge for 25 years. I work for a disability arts charity supporting the welfare of student/artists and prior to that helped disabled people in supported housing to develop and move to more independent living. I also make art, love music, love nature – bird watching in particular – and think Safe Soulmates is the bee’s knees!

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