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We all want friendship and love.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was someone to help us find friends or a romantic partner?

Well it’s your lucky day!

Safe Soulmate help 18+ adults in Cambridgeshire who have additional needs, disabilities or perhaps feel vulnerable when searching for companions and want a safe way to meet new people.

How we help:

  • Safe Soulmate meet you face-to-face. (No risky searching online.)
  • You (and on the first meet up, a trusted adult) tell us all about the things that you enjoy doing.
  • If you’re looking for that special someone, you tell us the type of person you would like to meet (this can be without your trusted adult, if you prefer). Safe Soulmate will suggest people that we think you’ll like.
  • Safe Soulmate help you choose someone nice, then we’ll arrange your date!
  • If you would feel more relaxed meeting people in a group, come along to our small (6-10 people or less) or large social events.

You can contact us by filling in the form below. (You may want to talk to your parent or carer first.) We will then contact you back as soon as possible.

If you are a parent or carer, please click here for more information.